Delaware County Snowmobile Maps are Available for Purchase

We’ve got ’em, we’ve got ’em! The brand new Delaware County Snowmobile maps are available for sale ($5) – all proceeds to benefit the Central Catskill Trail Association & other local snowmobile clubs!

9 responses to “Delaware County Snowmobile Maps are Available for Purchase”

  1. paul kaufman

    Delaware County Snowmobile maps were can i get one or were do i send the $ to thanks paul

  2. Velga

    Hi Paul. Where are you located? The Greater Stamford Area Chamber of Commerce has maps. If you’d like to pick one up, we can arrange that. If you would like to have map(s) mailed to you, we can do that as well. Maps are $ 5 each (+ postage, if you go with the mail option).

  3. paul

    coming up this weekend 12/3 can i pick up a map someware thanks paul will be going up rt 28 to 30

  4. Velga

    Paul, when you get to the area, you can give the Trail Master, Doug, a call to get a map. 607.287.7169 It’s better to call ahead, though you may also be able to catch him at the Stamford Railroad Station.
    Thanks for your interest!

  5. Todd

    Are they ever going to have something for atv riders?

  6. Bailey

    Todd, do you mean maps specifically for ATV’s? As far as we know, there are not ATV clubs in this area.

    1. Todd

      Yes.I really wish someone would start a club for atv riders…thank you anyway

  7. Todd

    But I am looking forward to enjoying this trail.

  8. Bailey

    Todd, we hope you enjoy the many other experiences you can have out on our trails!